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Berwick, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -38.030918, Longitude: 145.346115


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brisbane, Alfred John  1864Berwick, Victoria, Australia I84
2 Brisbane, Edgar John  1866Berwick, Victoria, Australia I85
3 Brisbane, Harold James Ernest  1862Berwick, Victoria, Australia I87
4 Brisbane, Wilfred Gustav  1869Berwick, Victoria, Australia I88
5 Hillbrich, Alexander  1885Berwick, Victoria, Australia I77
6 Hillbrich, Alfred Edward  1885Berwick, Victoria, Australia I71
7 Hillbrich, Anna Mary Augusta  1871Berwick, Victoria, Australia I72
8 Hillbrich, Edith Maude  1884Berwick, Victoria, Australia I79
9 Hillbrich, Ernest Edward  1887Berwick, Victoria, Australia I216
10 Hillbrich, Ernest Frederick  1867Berwick, Victoria, Australia I73
11 Hillbrich, Eva Julia  23 Nov 1889Berwick, Victoria, Australia I217
12 Hillbrich, Flor Victoria  1889Berwick, Victoria, Australia I127
13 Hillbrich, Grace Amelia  10 Jul 1884Berwick, Victoria, Australia I215
14 Hillbrich, Herbert  1885Berwick, Victoria, Australia I78
15 Hillbrich, John Oswin  1873Berwick, Victoria, Australia I74
16 Hillbrich, Paul Edward  1859Berwick, Victoria, Australia I122
17 Hillbrich, Percival John  28 Sep 1876Berwick, Victoria, Australia I30
18 Hillbrick, Agnes Julia  1876Berwick, Victoria, Australia I66
19 Hillbrick, Alice  1892Berwick, Victoria, Australia I244
20 Hillbrick, Beatrix May  1890Berwick, Victoria, Australia I242
21 Hillbrick, Charles Edward  1888Berwick, Victoria, Australia I76
22 Hillbrick, Edward Gustav  1869Berwick, Victoria, Australia I67
23 Hillbrick, Emma Lydia  1880Berwick, Victoria, Australia I68
24 Hillbrick, Eunice Irene  1898Berwick, Victoria, Australia I254
25 Hillbrick, Franklin Howard  1898Berwick, Victoria, Australia I247
26 Hillbrick, Harold William  29 Nov 1878Berwick, Victoria, Australia I54
27 Hillbrick, Herbert Walter  1878Berwick, Victoria, Australia I69
28 Hillbrick, Ivy Myrtle  1901Berwick, Victoria, Australia I248
29 Hillbrick, Julius Adolph  5 Jan 1863Berwick, Victoria, Australia I61
30 Hillbrick, Lucy Sarah  1883Berwick, Victoria, Australia I70
31 Hillbrick, Maria Dorothea Jessie  2 Jul 1872Berwick, Victoria, Australia I56
32 Hillbrick, Paulina Clara  15 Aug 1874Berwick, Victoria, Australia I57
33 Hillbrick, Ruby  1897Berwick, Victoria, Australia I246
34 Kershaw, Edward Henry Percy  1876Berwick, Victoria, Australia I90


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brisbane, Alfred John  1865Berwick, Victoria, Australia I84
2 Brisbane, Edgar John  1871Berwick, Victoria, Australia I85
3 Hillbrich, Emma Lydia Hillbrich  31 Mar 1954Berwick, Victoria, Australia I214
4 Hillbrich, Flor Victoria  1904Berwick, Victoria, Australia I127
5 Hillbrich, Herbert  3 Apr 1968Berwick, Victoria, Australia I78
6 Hillbrich, Johann Gottlieb  13 Nov 1899Berwick, Victoria, Australia I58
7 Hillbrich, John Oswin  1875Berwick, Victoria, Australia I74
8 Hillbrich, Paul Edward  1914Berwick, Victoria, Australia I122
9 Hillbrick, Agnes Julia  1888Berwick, Victoria, Australia I66
10 Hillbrick, Arthur Edward  3 Jun 1924Berwick, Victoria, Australia I255
11 Hillbrick, James Oliver  1964Berwick, Victoria, Australia I245
12 Hillbrick, Julius Adolph  10 Jan 1923Berwick, Victoria, Australia I61
13 Hillbrick, Maria Dorothea Jessie  16 Dec 1873Berwick, Victoria, Australia I56
14 Wagner, Maria Dorothea  1888Berwick, Victoria, Australia I59


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hillbrich / Jackel  10 May 1881Berwick, Victoria, Australia F76
2 Hillbrich / Lee  1895Berwick, Victoria, Australia F84